Friday, June 18, 2010

Funny Joke

There were four friends, a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, and a banker. The banker is sick, and knows that he is going to die soon, so he gathers his three closest friends, and hands them each 10,000 dollars. He says, "I believe that whatever I have with me when I die, I will take with me to the afterlife. So I am giving each of you guys this money, and I want you to put it in my coffin when I die."

The friends agreed, and went their separate ways. Finally, the day of the banker's funeral arrived, and the three friends gathered around his coffin. The priest steps up first.

"I'm only put in $9,000, because there were members of my church that were desperately sick, and needed help."

The doctor steps up, "I'm only putting in $8,000, because our hospital needed a new piece of machinery to help save many people."

Finally, the lawyer goes, "I'm ashamed of you guys." He then writes a check for $30,000, drops it in the coffin, and takes out the other money.


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