Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Power of Thinking

A new research program has recently be studying the effects of mind power, with some interesting results...

A new soldier is preparing for his first battle, eager and ready to go. He has his uniform, his hat, everything he needs, except his weapons.

He goes up to the General, and tells him of his problem. The General looks around for a moment, before saying, "Yes, we are running short on supplies here, and the next shipment won't be in for a couple of days. Tell you what, all you need to do is believe you have a weapon, and it will work."

The young soldier looks at him incredulously. "I know it sounds weird, but trust me, if you believe you have a gun, hold your hands out like a gun, and shout bamity-bam-bam, it will be like a real gun.

The soldier, a little weary, decides to try it. Later, when he is marching into battle, he holds up his hands, pretending to hold rifle, and says bamity-bam-bam. He watches amazed as he shoots someone down.

He returns to the position, shouting bamity-bam-bam, bamity-bam-bam into the enemy, and starts taking out the enemy quickly. As the battle goes on, the soldier spots a guy on the other side who is standing off to one side, unguarded.

Quickly taking this to his advantage, the soldier point to him and goes bamity-bam-bam. Nothing happens. He tries again, this time, the guy has noticed him shooting, and starts to come towards the young soldier.

The soldier frantically shouts bamity-bam-bam, again and again, as he comes closer, with nothing happening. Finally, a few feet before the man gets to him, our soldier is pushed down. He wonders how this is possible, when suddenly he hears "tankity-tank-tank, tankity-tank-tank."