Monday, June 21, 2010


An elderly woman living alone decides she needs someone to talk to, so she goes to the pet store wanting to buy a parrot.

The clerk there tells her has two female parrots left, and they cannot be separated. She agrees to buy them both, and takes them home with her. But, every time she tried to engage them in conversation, they would swear and say naughty things.

The woman, not knowing what to do, decides to go talk to her priest. She tells him the problem, and he has an idea. He tells her he has two male parrots, who he taught to recite bible verses and pray. Why doesn't she take the parrots over there, and see if they can teach the girl parrots the right things to do.

She does as he says, and take her parrots over, which promptly start cussing and saying how they are prostitutes, etc.

The male parrots eyes bulge. One quickly says to the other "Put away the rosary beads, are prayers have been answered!



Laffylady said...

Very Funny...good one..thanks for the laughs..!

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