Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be positive

Of all the people in the world, don't you just hate the positive ones the most.

They can be so annoying. And come in many forms, such as:

The morning person- who we throw our pillow at, but then can't fall back asleep without the pillow.

The 'hi' person- (note, not 'high') always bouncing around, introducing themselves to everyone, shaking our hands with both their own, and skips off to the next person.

The suck-up- this person says the most ridiculously nice (and stupid) things on the planet, especially to your boss.

The environmentalist- the one who gasps when we use paper plates or when we talk about putting in wooden floors. Yes, we don't want to die of global warming, but no, we do not want to have towels made of owl droppings.

The lover- with love-struct eyes and that dreamy smile, sending sappy messages all the time. Especially annoying when you are single.

The do gooder- that person that does nice stuff, just for the heck of it. Rakes that old man's leaves. Carries out your groceries. Not fun to be compared to. (Why couldn't you be more like that?)

The lucky one- they get picked for games, scratch the winning lottery ticket, and win that cruise you wanted so badly. Every single time.

The kidder- Can make a joke out of anything. (usually not funny jokes) ...wait a moment...

And finally, the all around happy one- can put a positive spin on everything. Draws on that silver lining.Takes even your most miserable moments, and compares them to the starving children in Africa. If they feel so bad for those African kids, why aren't they there helping them?

So there you have it. All the people we wish we were more like, but would loathe ourselves if we were.


irtiza104 said...

The post was funny. but the thing is, I like to think myself as a positive person. I am also somewhat of an environmentalist as many of my blog posts are written about the environment, recycling, animals etc.

"compares them to the starving children in Africa. If they feel so bad for those African kids, why aren't they there helping them?"

I feel bad about the starving children, not only is Africa, but also in my country, Bangladesh. Unfortunately all of us are not in the shape or position to help them in a long term way, apart from feeding them once in a while and providing small monetary helps. And everyone's definition of "helping" isn't the same. To me helping poor kids in Bangladesh means sometimes feeding them and teaching some of them in a charity school, that's the highest i can do here now.

That's why i couldn't enjoy the post to the fullest.

But, the thing is, I found myself clicking on the "FOLLOW" button of your blog. :)

Best wishes....

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